What you need to know about the Psoas muscle.

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The Psoas muscle. It’s intense, and it can cause major problems. The Psoas muscle when tight can be unforgiving. Whether you’re an extreme athlete, coach potato or anything in between, when it’s tight it will put you down or make your life a bit miserable. Our therapists see it all the time. Clients complaining about pain in their lower back and hips, wrapping around the groin and inner thigh. It very well might be the Psaos muscle and it needs to be worked!

The Psoas is considered a hip flexor. It stabilizes your posture and assists in straightening the lumbar (lower) spine. The Psoas starts in the lower back branches into the your pelvic area and inserts on the lesser trochanter of your femur(leg). At Deep Tissue & Structural Healing your therapist will target your Psoas muscle using an effective technique to release this muscle.

Bottom line, a therapist can work on your lower back all day but if you have a tight Psoas muscle, the problem will worsen if the Psoas isn’t manipulated.

For a visual and video of the Psoas Muscle click on the link below.

Psoas Muscle


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