What is the difference between Deep Tissue and Swedish massage?

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Deep Tissue and Swedish massage can be similar  in many ways depending on the therapist. Some therapists use the same massage strokes they use in a Swedish in a Deep Tissue massage, the only thing that changes is their pressure. At Deep Tissue & Structural Healing every artist has their own unique style. Every Swedish massage they perform is different from the one before, and the same goes for their Deep Tissue massage simply because every person that walks into our establishment is different, and everyday has different needs. Perhaps the only thing that stays constant at Deep Tissue & Structural Healing is that your mind and body feel like they’ve been through a healing process after a treatment. Our Swedish massage is fluid, extremely relaxing, and every massage stroke links perfectly to the next and the same goes with our Deep Tissue massage. Our Deep Tissue massage is exceptional because we just don’t dig in deep from the get go, we slowly, meticulously relax your superficial muscles using heat, then target and release deep tension areas. You’ll never quite feel the same after a massage from our therapists. Next time you’re thinking of getting a massage in Salt Lake City you can be confident that at Deep Tissue & Structural Healing you will find massage therapists that have a passion for what they do.

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