History of Hot Stone Massage

Stones have been around since the beginning of time it is what holds the earth together. Stones have been used for divination, warmth, healing and protection since the beginning of the human race. As a human race we have used stones in a variety of ways to honor, for building, for divination, to commune with spirits, for protection and for healing. In every culture and in every race we see traces left behind for all to see; in Egypt, England, Easter Island, North America, South America, China, etc.


Therapists and Hot Stone Massage

Therapists today are using hot stones for their therapeutic value. Hot Stone Massage helps with increasing blood circulation and the body’s metabolism as well as decreasing stress, tension and tissue stiffness. Hot Stone Massage is one of the most requested therapy methods at Deep Tissue & Structural Healing.

At Deep Tissue & Structural Healing we use Basalt Stones for Hot Stone Massage and they are the most sought-after stones for Hot Stone Massage because of the ability to remain hot for longer periods of time than any other stone. Because of the high iron content, these stones tend be very dense which allows them to remain hotter longer than any other stones.

Come enjoy your decadent, therapeutic, Hot Stone Massage at Deep Tissue & Structural Healing.